Online Training Program

Our online training courses enable architects, engineers, Interior designers to create multi-dimensional models using the latest version of Building Information Modeling Software. Our primary goal is to computerize the engineering profession that helps students to get the fundamental understanding of how to strengthen their designing skills. Students will learn to set up, create, edit, save and print 2D & 3D drawings and images that makes use of multiple lines, geometric shapes and curves - with the help of AutoCAD applications after getting proficient with the basic tools, techniques, functions, features and commands for producing and navigating a technical sketch of products in our specialized AutoCAD online training program.

The highlights of H.R. CAD Centre AutoCAD online training course curriculum and Certification benefits.

  • 1. H.R. CAD Centre helps to provide you a valuable opportunity to excel in your designing career with professional certificate.
  • 2. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified AutoCAD training Institute located in New Delhi with other training centre in Okhla and Roorkee.
  • 3. You will learn basics of AutoCAD, Master intermediate skills, advanced skills, modeling and imaging skills in AutoCAD as well as customization and integration techniques at a very convenient and affordable fee structure with Zero additional costs.
  • 4. You will get access to a comprehensive AutoCAD ebook that provide a hands-on, activity-based approach to use the AutoCAD
  • 5. Your online course structure include virtual field trips using internet resources to emphasize all the basic to advanced concepts, provide multimedia presentation, and to enable you transform your skills at a superior level for better research and professional growth.
  • 6. Within a couple of weeks, you will learn designing plans using computer-aided design software
  • 7. Convert the designs prepared by engineer and architects into a digital replica for better visibility and understandability.
  • 8. After completion of training, you will work on a project to implement different elements you learned in training.
  • 9. Add details of architectural plans with building techniques
  • 10. Specify dimensions, procedures and materials for new projects
  • 11. Online projects to test your working capabilities
  • 12. Online examination and certification services
  • 13. 100% placement assistance and online exposure.
  • Duration: 60 Hours
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Section: 9