Advanced Excel


This Advanced MS excel training program is a dedicated approach to enable experienced users of MS excel application to consolidate their existing skills and knowledge of formulae and functions and unlock the complex database features contained within the application that perfectly suits the need of a data analyst.

Course Objective

The main objective is to help students excel their skills as a data analyst in working atmosphere. Make them more tech wise upgraded, give a competitive edge in the industry, raise job opportunities, and improve employability factors. Also, enable students to present a complex structure of data in an easy manner.


CCompletion of Excel introduction and equivalent experience and knowledge is required. The course aims to excel user skills with more advanced knowledge of Excel spreadsheet.

What’s in it for me?

Learners will get to know about the advanced features of MS Excel in order to become a professional in no time, improve employability factors and learn about how to use the application to store, analyze, compute, manage and record valuable data in a more systematic and accurate way.

  • Duration: 60 Hours
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Section: 9