3D Modeling

We are living in an era dominated by visual effects, multi-dimensional modeling, computer-Aided designs, 3D assets, etc. even architects and engineers often rely on drawing and modeling their projects through 3D tools and techniques to aid in their work which wasn’t possible with 2D CAD drawings. This prevents costly mistakes from occurring by ensuring students and working professionals like architects and engineers to detect design issues or weaknesses in the structural integrity of a building before concrete is poured. 3D modeling also helps in creating props, animations, characters, graphics, special effects that are generally used in films and TV shows.

You can see the future of 3D modeling is flourishing and gaining momentum in every year. Are you interested in pursuing a career as a 3D artist or 3D modeling construction designer, Then H.R. CAD Centre is the best choice for your career ambitions.

Learning 3D modeling is a daunting experience which requires years of practice and knowledge to master the art of digital animation, graphics, CGI and images. That’s why we have developed introductory as well as advanced level 3D modeling courses to help you build a foundation skill and learn the most essential principles of digital art and 3D asset designing so you can have a good start. You will learn everything about software tools, shortcuts, navigation features, 3D designing and modeling that can be used in diverse industry sectors such as infrastructure, entertainment, marketing, gaming, animation, etc and offers you good placement assistance in MNCs.

Course objective

The courses are designed with intent to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure students to become creatively smart and express their ideas as animated 3D models.

The course material includes basic drawing, sketching and developing graphics, models and images as well as helps them seize an in-depth knowledge of countless attributes of 3D modeling such as textures, designs, polishing and detailing of models that go hand in hand in constructing 3D animation and replica of structural models.

Our courses will enable architects and engineers to speed up their work with precision and absolute control to visualize various aspects of a building under the estimated time frame.

Software that will help you in 3D modeling
  • 1. 3D MAX
  • 2. Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • 3. Autodesk Revit MEP
  • 4. Sketch up